About this Toolkit

The Dynamic Toolkit is to put in order the various digital tools that can be used for designing and producing 3D printed models of any kind of medical implants, to systemize them according to a common format and to create a tool that can help the users to select the suitable tool for the right purpose.

All digital tools will be described according to a template considering different aspects: general description of the software/tool, specific purpose, functionalities, pros and cons, price (free-software preferred to other tools), availability of the tool to one of the Partner University. The toolkit will not include user-experience aspects of computer-aided design (CAD) software, e.g., computational power, ease of use, or other. The user will be able to choose, e.g., by ticking selections, from four different criteria and results will be provided in the form of a Table with proposed solutions.

Dynamic Toolkit is organised as an open online tool with searchable and downable items.

The language of the Dynamic Toolkit is English.

What is a CAD software

3D CAD, is a three-dimensional computer-aided design tool used to by designers, engineers, and architects to create industrial objects that iclude complex mechanisms. It helps to create functional, virtual prototypes of three-dimensional designs. A CAD software can be very specific, whether it is for industrial, mechanical, architectural or aeronautical engineering design.

CAD software tools allow designers to investigate design ideas, modify designs easily, visualize concepts through renderings, simulate how a design performs in the real world and draft documentation. Moreover, using cad software designers can share designs for feedback, and allow companies to get to market faster.

The benefits of 3D CAD softwares are the following:

3D CAD Softwares used in Healtcare

The medical device manufacturing industry is growing rapidly in order to keep up with the increased demand. Therefore, medical device product designers must create innovative medical products. Plenty of challenges are to be considered during manufacturing of medical equipment, with the most important among them being patient safety. Efficiency, effectiveness, and cost containment, are also very important to be considered.

Recent years have been marked by a growing interest in the creation of open science. This applies not only to the free sharing of content and research experience, but also in particular to the benefits of using open source systems. Many of the leading commercial software products have an analogue of open source software.

Some of the most used 3D CAD softwatres in the field of healthcare are MeshLab, SolidWorks, Blender, etc.